Keeping It Fresh

Head to our coffee, smoothie and juice bar for some even fresher sips! Our reFresh Bar has a new menu, still focused on great-tasting blended smoothies and juiced drinks, made with tons of vegetables and minimal sugar.

We are the first in the Twin Cities to dedicate more than half our menu to green beverages, made with leafy, nutrient-dense vegetables! Whether you want to nourish your body, indulge in something sweet or chocolate-y, or just keep it low on the glycemic index, the reFresh Bar has what you crave with a variety of organic smoothies and raw juices.

Want something hot? We have coffee, espresso drinks, hot chocolate, chai lattes, and more! And we make them with the highest-quality ingredients you’ve come to expect.

Our menu is 100-percent organic and GMO-free.

Earth Doctor


Earth Doctor
JUICED: Carrot | Celery | Green Apple | Lime | Mint
$5.99/12 oz.
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