Poached Pears with Vanilla Beans
This elegant dessert is easy to make, and it’s healthy too! Satisfy your sweet tooth with this melt-in-your mouth dish while getting in an extra serving of fruit. Wow guests, and watch your waistline.
  • 6 firm-ripe pears, peeled, cored and halved
  • 8cups organic apple juice
  • honey to taste
  • scrapings from inside half of a vanilla bean
  • 1/8tsp ground black pepper
  • 2tbs unsalted butter
  • 1 vanilla bean, cut into slivers
  1. Gently simmer pears in a medium pot with the apple juice, honey, vanilla scrapings, and pepper. Simmer for about 8 minutes, or until tender. Remove pears and arrange on a platter. Boil down the liquid until syrupy. Spoon the syrup over the pears. Sauté the vanilla slivers in the hot butter until highly aromatic. Spoon over the pears and serve. Pears can be stored in the unreduced syrup overnight, and the dish finished the following day.