All paid classes require a 24-hour cancellation notice or you will be charged for the class. Mazopiya reserves the right to cancel a class if there are fewer than five participants signed up. You will be notified of the cancellation.

AmyLeo Barankovich is a passionate vegan chef. She began cooking for a family of 10 at the age of 13 and has since been delighting family, friends and colleagues with creative, delicious, beautiful, wholesome food ever since. She has recently founded The Vegan Pantry: Where Taste Meets Grace, offering private and public vegan cooking classes, vegan coaching, personal-chef services, and restaurant menu advising.

Anna Wiens is an Ayurvedic Consultant that is focused on bringing the practical tools and wisdom of ayurveda into everyday America. She helps empower individuals to take control of their own mental, physical, and spiritual health, instead of relying on others to bring healing into their lives. In her classes, Anna guides individuals and helps them connect with themselves through ancient ayurvedic and yogic techniques. These classes help students make decisions and provide them with the tools to create their own vibrant, thriving future selves. Throughout the years, she has taught classes and workshops in Vermont, Hawaii, and Colorado, but maintains a steady practice in Minneapolis.

Carla Cohen has enjoyed cooking and eating healthy for over 20 years. She is a passionate cook and has incredible enthusiasm for educating people on the benefits of eating clean, fresh organic food. She grew up in a health-conscious household and has continued to increase her knowledge on the benefits of eating a variety of healthy diets (gluten-free, dairy-free, raw foods, and vegetarian).

Jackie Mart began her holistic health and wellness path in 2006, when she was first introduced to organic food and alternative medicine in the small town of Carroll, Iowa. She was very involved in establishing a local food cooperative by volunteering as the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Member Services Director, Editor, and Creator of their monthly newsletter, Healthy Happenings. She is a holistic nutritionist, life coach, public speaker, and certified exercise instructor. She has worked previously with gyms, private personal training studios, and chiropractic/wellness clinics. She has also worked as a health and body care manager, a marketing assistant for a natural food store in the Twin Cities, and has taught community education classes throughout the Twin Cities Metro and northwest Iowa. She believes the road to health always begins with self-love!

Karin Wells is a certified holistic health coach and holds a master’s degree in holistic health from St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul. She’s has been a trainer and product representative for Nelson’s, the U.S. distributor of Bach Original Flower Remedies, for 5 years. She even uses Bach Original Flower Remedies herself. She provides lectures and coaching for groups and individuals around the Twin Cities. She also can be found at other health and wellness establishments doing workshops and group trainings.

Liza Docken, Certified Aromatherapist, is the National Educator for Pranarom. She has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over twenty years, working in independent health food stores, Co-ops, as a yoga instructor, and meditation guide. Her passion for plants naturally guides her to plant-based remedies, with a focus on organic and sustainable practices. She brings enthusiasm, joy, and fun to the learning experience. Coupled with unique insights spanning the industry, her approach to education is inclusive, expansive, and wholistic.

Matt Bennett is a Minnesota native and up-and-coming holistic health educator with a focus on detoxification and raw foods. He grew up with several common health issues, including asthma, eczema, constant colds and flus, congestion, and depression. After he implemented a raw vegan diet and lifestyle, all of these conditions virtually disappeared. Bennett now shares his passion of raw foods through his YouTube channel, Smallstepstosuccess and raw food classes in the Rochester area. Over the past three years, Bennett has earned certificates as a detoxification specialist through the International School of Detoxification and certified raw food chef and educator through the Graff Academy of Raw Food Education.

Renee Avelsgard has been bringing her passion for cooking to the Mazopiya kitchen for the past three years. She is a self-taught cook who loves exploring the possibilities of all things food. Renee loves teaching people how to find the joy in cooking. Not only does she enjoy extracting amazing flavors form the ingredients she uses, she loves to research the healing and nourishing properties of the dishes she prepares. Her goal in life is to educate people on the importance of good, clean, healthy food that is accessible to all regardless of their level of kitchen skills.

Sue Rapley is an Integrative and Functional Medicine Health Coach passionate about educating others to create lasting behavior and lifestyle changes. She is dedicated to simplifying wellness while inspiring, educating and empowering others with the tools they need to reach their wellness goals. In a classroom setting or one-on-one she coaches with a strong emphasis on nutrition and digestive health so your body will naturally seek wellness.