Adding Fun Back Into Fitness and Food

There’s no shortage of experts telling us that we need to exercise more and eat healthier. In addition, we are constantly bombarded with messaging on the latest fad diets and workouts that promise us the “perfect body.” While there is no such thing as “perfect” when it comes to what we eat and how we move our body, we can start making small improvements, which over time can yield some positive gains in our lives.

So, what does it take to get you heading in the right direction? What’s holding you back? Is it time, money, motivation, or a combination of many barriers? What if you were told there was an easier way that puts the fun back into the equation? It all starts with habits. Simply put, habits are routines and things we do on a regular basis. Life is a culmination of habits—both good and bad. The choices and things we do regularly contribute to the person we are and the goals we achieve. The key is to start small. Don’t try to tackle a new habit where you’re all in right away, as this can feel overwhelming and is surely not sustainable.

Examples of starting small could include drinking one less soda a week, putting a ¼ teaspoon less sugar in your tea or coffee each morning, or cutting out one unhealthy food from your diet.

For exercise, try going to the gym for just 10-15 minutes a couple times a week, gradually increasing by 10 minutes each week. Exercise doesn’t have to be going to the gym and working out either, it’s really just about just getting your body moving.

So, how do we make developing healthy habits fun? It starts by adding a social component. Doing something with a friend or in a group builds in accountability and support! For instance, if you’re trying to eat healthier, take a cooking class. Learning how to make new recipes can be fun and helps us get out of a boring food rut.

When exercising, take a walk with a friend or join a group fitness class. You can also join an adult sports league or take part in a boot camp. Prefer to work out alone? Try experimenting with new and unique music playlists.

Mazopiya is here to help discover the fun in developing healthy habits. Whether it’s our cooking classes, wellness products, or unique natural foods, we have what you need to get on the right track to healthy living.